Futuristic lamp – 5 attractive and futuristic desk lamp designs

by admin on January 24, 2012

Futuristic desk lamps are an easy and cheap look to have a sci friction theme decor in either your rooms or for your entire house. Our previous article touch on futuristic lighting.

In this article, we will highlight 5 futuristic desk lamps that are unique and cool.These are less expensive but they look equally look in your study room or living room.

Unfortunately, the prices for these futuristic desk lamps will not be cheap. The good thing is that you can try and look for knock offs that look the same but doesn’t carry the same heavy price tag.

The above 2 futuristic table lamp designs are from Triennale Design Museum. Known as space age lights, this collection is designed by the likes of Joe Colombo, Vico Magistretti, Gino Sarfatti and Giotto Wick. Some of these futuristic desk lamp are for sale while others are purely for exhibition.

The above 2 futuristic lamp designs are from Odue. Most of the design from Odue are unique including the 2 displayed above. If you like to see more futuristic lamps from Odue, simply visit their official website.

Lampadari Group has launched a futuristic lamp collection called the Pulsar. This design invokes a lot of imagination. It can be seen as a group of clouds or ufos or other things that resembles its unique shape.

Designed by Giulio & Valerio Vinaccia., this contemporary piece of futuristic lamp looks like a UFO descending onto earth. The modern lines and curve make this lamp a truly outstanding piece of furniture design.

The name of this great looking modern lamp is Sinthesya. It blends the indoor and an outdoor lighting system into one. The whole concept was created   by D’arc Studio and Camillo Vanacore.

We hope you enjoy this showcase of the 5 attractive and futuristic lamp.

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