Futuristic lighting design

by admin on January 21, 2012

See our carefully selected list of futuristic lighting designs. These types of lamp designs are an easy and affordable way for any home owner to create a futuristic and modern home. If you are looking for attractive futuristic lamps pictures, our carefully selected list of such images will be there for you to enjoy.  Most of the lamps you see below will not be available for sale but you can buy similar looking designs from any modern furniture stores in your city.

Futuristic lighting design

This modern lighting design is called the VorteXX Chandelier. The trick to the beautiful lighting is the 60 led lights that can be made to generate different hues of light. There is also a programmable system that allows the home owner to create an endless different combination of light hues and effects. One to look out for if you want a attractive and futuristic lamp design.

This futuristic light system is quite different from the previous two images. Designed by Korean designer Hyomi Kim, this lighting system is used on the wall tiles which can recreate a sense of being in a spaceship environment. The name of the this futuristic lighting system is called tile bright. The best part about this system is its modularity. The lighting tiles can be moved and recombined in different forms so as to create the design that best suit the layout of your home.

Futuristic chandelier

If you want your futuristic lighting to look more chandelier, you can consider the futuristic chandelier design that we have highlighted below.

The above futuristic chandelier is designed by Neues Licht, which means “new light” in German. Known as the UFO Chandelier, this design excludes an elegant and futuristic feel.

Comprised of OLED lights, this cool and futuristic chandelier design came from the German designer Ingo Maurer. Not only does it look great, it helps to save energy as well.

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