Green and Black Room Ideas

by admin on December 16, 2010

Decorating with green and black room ideas really helps you to add a little bit more interest to what can sometimes be boring colors. Just pairing these two colors together is really going to create a dynamic kind of palette. You can use this in a nursery, teen’s room, or even your living room.

This color palette has a place in modern design styles. You can see a lot of faux grass elements in these rooms instead of just basic floral arrangements. This can be very contemporary looking. You can just put it on top of a black table for a striking element. Then you’ll just paint the rest of your walls a bright white that can also work with black desks and black sofas. These are subtle accent colors that are really going to pop.

For a teenager’s room you are going to want to use a bold green. In this case it should be kind of an emerald green. This might be a little bit too overpowering to use on the walls. You might just want to keep your walls white. Then you can even just paint your furniture bright green especially if you decorate a teenage girl’s room. Then you can add in a lot of black accessories to tone down the bold color.

This is also a color palette that can compliment retro design. In a lot of vintage bathrooms you would see this color palette on tile. When you move into these rooms you might not want to mess with the original tile or you just don’t want to go through the expense of an entire bathroom renovation. In this case, you can bring out more neutral colors such as taupe or gray to paint your walls. This is going to ground the green tile so it can really be the star. Bring in bright white shower curtains and accessories for more of a spa like kind of feeling.

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