Hanging Chairs for Bedrooms – What Style Suits You The Best

by admin on December 4, 2010

If you are tired of looking at your old furniture and want a new and refreshing look in your bedroom, then you have to consider the addition of hanging chairs for bedrooms. These hanging spherical or teardrop-shaped furniture pieces will not only add a breath of fresh air in your room but they will also add a touch of class and style to your bedroom decor.

Hanging chairs are becoming more and more popular after being around for decades. Their varied styles and designs can enhance the existing look of any home decoration, which in turn boost the visual appeal of the place. They are designed to be used not only in the bedroom but in other areas in the house as well like the patio, living room, porch, and study area.

Today, there is already a wide selection of hanging chairs that come in a variety of styles, materials and function that homeowners can conveniently choose from. However, hanging chairs are not cheap by any means. Most of the hanging chairs that we have seen cost more than USD1,000. Hence, in this guide, we will look at 3 models of hangings chairs under 500 dollars.

This model from Eero Aarnio has a cheap price tag of under 300 dollars. This model of read hanging bubble chair is one of the most popular furniture piece because it perfectly matches modern bedroom designs.  In addition to that, it imparts glamour and stylishness to the room while staying multi-functional at the same time. Besides red, this Ero Aarnio bubble chair comes in a wide assortment of colors and designs to suit the varying tastes and preferences of homeowners. Below is the same design but has a white colored cushion.

Hammock chairs, meanwhile, go well in bedrooms with woodland or safari themes. These chairs introduce more character to an otherwise dull and drab bedroom. The unique design of hammock chairs makes them excellent accent pieces as well. The same holds true with hanging chairs made of wicker and rattan which are made of all-natural materials. These chairs will go very well in bedrooms featuring a tropical or exotic theme.

Another type of bedroom chairs that are quite popular today are the pod chairs. Hanging pod chairs were widely in vogue during the early 70’s and their presence will surely add a retro chic feel to any room. They are usually available in light natural, dark brown and black colors. The one that we recommend comes with a blue and white color and is quite unique among all the hanging chairs that we have seen.

Regardless of the type of hanging bedroom chair you intend to acquire, be sure to choose one that will seamless blend with your home décor and will be able to reflect you personality.

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