Hanging fireplace

by admin on July 30, 2011

With small apartments being the norm, we are looking to maximise the usage of our site via the use of space saving furniture. In this article, we will feature one such furniture called the hanging fireplace. In the pictures below, you will see some of the more sophisticated and modern hanging fireplaces.

Ceiling hanging fireplace

This is one of the most sophisticated and modern hanging fireplace that I have seen. This model have two materials to choose from: stainless steel and matte black. In terms of the operating model, you can choose the traditional fire burning mode or the eco friendly biofuel burning mode. Unfortunately, there is no electric version that you can purchases. Prices start at USD5900 and you can purchase them from

Wall hanging fireplace

If you want to hang your fireplace by the wall, rather than the ceiling, then this beautiful wall mounted fireplace from Magiglo is for you. The entire thing is well designed. In addition, you get the choice of the different fascia finishing so that you can choose the one that will best suit your home. The model comes with remote control, giving you more control and flexibility.  The whole hanging fireplace measures 624 by 915.


Modern hanging fireplace

If you want a really nice design, then the following model should be something you are looking for.  This beautiful piece of design features a matte black or white coating that will accomodate any color theme that you might have in your home. As can be seen from the image, it uses the burning of traditional wood to give off heat. This is really a decorative piece, rather than a blown fireplace. If you want something to complement what you already have, this design is definitely something that is worth buying.

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