Hanging mail organizer – some modern selections

by admin on December 17, 2012

Hanging wall organizers not only helps us to sort through our mail clutter but they maximize the usage of space by leveraging on the untapped wall space. In our previous article on modern desk organizer, we discover that there is more demand for such organizers that look sleek and elegant. So, we are presenting some modern mail organizer that you might find suitable for a contemporary home.

Modern wall mounted mail organizers

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This hanging mail organizer from Umbra is one of the sleekest mail organizers that we have seen. With a flat design, modern curves and clean lines, it is perfect for a modern home. It is also very affordable and makes this a really good buy from someone who doesn’t want to see items such as keys, mail and other miscellanous stuff gets scattered on the table. The hooks on this mail organizer is sturdy and has no problem holding small items such as your mail and cell phones. If you want to hang your coat, it is better to wall mount this on studs, rather than using the hooks. It currently comes in 3 colors: white, espresso and and brown.


Hanging key and mail organizer

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If you are looking for something smaller, then this modern key and mail holder is a good choice. It is compact and very minimalist. Doesn’t attract much attention to it but gets the job done in terms of organising your keys and mail. In terms of installation, it is easy. In terms of colors, it comes in espresso and black.

Stainless steel hanging mail organizer

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For folks who wants something made of stainless less, then this clean looking hanging mail organizer from Umbra is what you might be looking for. It is not cheap by any means but the material makes it worth spending the money.  It is suppose to be a mailbox on your porch but you can use it an interior decorative item, given how sleek it looks.

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