Hidden kitchen design

by admin on February 28, 2013

Hiding furniture or appliance in the wall is a great way to decorate a small minimalist apartment. Of course, you can also create hidden kitchen storage to store off all the cookware and spice holders that you might not need to use everyday. Currently, there are different ways you can go about creating such a hidden kitchen design. Below are some interesting ideas that we have come across. Feel free to steal any of these ideas for your own use!


Helena hidden kitchen

This design has an interesting name. It is called the Helena hidden kitchen and is the work of young designer called Helena who has found her apartment to be too small for a normal kitchen. So what she did was to create a hidden kitchen behind an attention grabbing orange glass doors.  The result creation means that there is more space for the living room and bedroom while still allowing Helena to cook as and when she needs.


Hidden kitchen using folding doors

Using folding doors is also another way to hide a full kitchen. Folding doors can afford a large kitchen to be hidden away relative to a sliding door. This is due to the fact that sliding doors require a long area to slide to their close and opening positions. Folding doors, on the other hand, doesn’t need much floor space to work with.


Hidden kitchen table

Another way to save space is not to hide the whole kitchen, not only the part which is not used frequently. In this case, it is the kitchen table. You don’t really need a long kitchen table all the time so this design enables you to hide it when not in use.  The name of this design is called Soria and is created by Vitor Xavier.

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