How to maintain modern outdoor furniture

by admin on May 2, 2013

While you can certainly find plenty of deals on cheapie outdoor furniture like plastic chairs and tables, you may get tired of replacing them every year or two when summer rolls around again. Instead, you should consider purchasing a more robust or appealing set that will provide your family and your guests with the comfortable lounging experience that will truly transform your backyard into usable square footage. The only downside, of course, is the cost, and high-end outdoor furnishings can set you back almost as much as the indoor variety. That’s a lot of money to blow on items that are going to deteriorate under the onslaught of the elements, from the scorching sun to the winds, moisture, and freezing temperatures of winter. However, there are several ways that you can protect and maintain your outdoor furniture in order to keep it looking like new. Here are a few that you’ll definitely want to try.

For starters, you should take protective measures from the minute you bring your furniture home. And there are a variety of products to help you out. For example, you can get sealants, lacquers, and waxes designed to coat every imaginable material, from wicker and wood to plastic and metal, virtually anything that the frame of your furniture might be made of. You may have to apply it annually, seasonally, or following particularly nasty weather, but often it will seal your furniture against the ravages of moisture, UV damage, and possibly even extreme temperatures. You can also use fabric protectors to ensure color fastness and durability of cushions. After your initial application of these products, you’ll probably want to clean furnishings before each re-application down the line. This will give your products the best chance to perform as advertised.

Sadly, these products can only minimize damage, not prevent it entirely, in which case you may want to take your efforts a step further. One of the best options, then, is to get furniture covers. Often made from heavy textiles like canvas, these covers are generally lined to protect your furniture while the outer layer provides a protective barrier from the elements. If you use your furniture every day during the summer, covers may be applied during cooler months. But if your backyard soirees are few and far between, you can keep furniture under wraps until such time as it is needed. Of course, if you rarely use your outdoor space you might want to take your protection to the next level by storing furnishings in a permanent structure when not in use.

Whether you put your patio furniture in the garage or a storage shed, you’ll ensure the best chance for longevity. And since you probably spent an arm and a leg on your beautiful outdoor dining tables and cushioned chairs, it’s worth the effort of moving it into and out of a structure to keep it safe from hazards like the elements and animals. Even if you leave it out during the summer months you should definitely consider this option when the cool breezes of fall start to blow. Regardless of how much you use your yard space, you should think about getting furnishings that are built to last. With a little TLC and some protective measures you can ensure that your investment is one that benefits you for years to come.


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