How to make a small room look bigger – 5 ideas

by admin on April 12, 2012

Here is 5 great ideas on how to make a small room look bigger.

So, you just love your new place. It’s conveniently located, the rent is reasonable and you like the neighborhood. Matter of fact, if you had access to your own personal Jeannie, the only other thing that you would ask for is a bit more space.

Of course, having our own private magician to be at our beck-and-call is a fairytale and we all live in the real world. The good news is that there are things that you can actually do to provide the illusion that you have more room in your rooms than you actually do. Here are five of ideas on how to make a small living or bedroom look bigger:

Add some color. OK, if you’re renting an apartment, you should definitely discuss this with your landlord first, but if s/he is fine with it, this is a great way to make a room, or series of rooms, in your place seem much bigger than they actually are. You can either paint an access wall for depth or use the same color for two connecting rooms to widen up the space. Just make sure to not use dark colors. Pastels, neutrals or bright shades are definitely what’s best. Paint small room to look bigger is a easy idea that everyone should use.

Rethink your furniture placement. If you live alone or you and your partner only have one bedroom, one of the best ways to “double up” a living room space for company is to purchase a sofa bed., and are all websites that have a variety of sofa beds to choose from (plus if you use a promo code from or, you might even end up with free shipping!). But whether you choose to purchase one or not, make sure to put big items like couches against the wall or at an angle; it lengthens the space. Another cool tip? Buy some furniture that actually matches the walls. It keeps from breaking up the symmetry and makes the room appear bigger as a direct result. Be especially conscious about not placing furniture in the middle of rooms or where it will block doorways. It looks “in the way” and more times than not, it literally is.

Mirror, mirror on the walls. Mirrors aren’t just for bathrooms, nor are they just for looking into when getting dressed in the morning. They are actually really inexpensive and highly effective tools for providing an expanded effect in a room. By purchasing a decorative mirror and placing it somewhere on the wall where natural light can be reflected, it can add dimension to any space; especially if it’s reflecting another room or a window.

Get a couple of ottomans and a vertical bookshelf. One of the greatest furniture inventions, especially when it comes to compact spaces, was the ottoman. They are cost savvy items that you can sit on, use them to recline your feet with or simply utilize as decoration. But, being that you can open them up and store things, it’s good for magazines, books or even the “extra” stuff that you either don’t have room to display or can’t find the right placement for yet. And a vertical bookshelf? Virtually everyone needs one in at least one room of their home. IKEA has some for under $50 that makes it well worth the assembly time.

Less is more. When it comes to making smaller spaces appear larger, the Feng Shui principles should definitely be applied. Lots of pictures and knick knacks simply provide the look of clutter; therefore, in each room, try to have one major thing be the focus and purchase items that will complement it. In the dining room, perhaps consider a glass table. In the living room, chairs or sofas without arms, frees up the space. And if you’re fortunate enough to have tigerwood decking out back, a small table and chair with maybe a plant or two are probably all that you’ll need.

Hope you enjoy this article on making a small room look bigger.


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