How to make your doors and windows more secure

by admin on September 26, 2013

As a homeowner, home security is possibly one of the most critical components of your household. If you think about it, with only your windows and doors, you are only minimally safe and secure. With the savvy of a burglar, anyone can basically get in- with only a few tools. This is why keeping your windows and doors secure is the most important part of keeping your home safe and protected from intruders. When it comes to your home security list, your doors and windows should be a top priority. Here is how to make the doors and windows throughout your home more secure.

First off, your doors and windows need to be made out of the right material. Many homes have windows and doors that are made out of materials that make your home susceptible to break-ins. One of the most common materials is hollow particle board. With a simple hard kick, any thief or burglar can break into your home. This is why it is important to have doors and windows that are made out of solid wood. Some metals would do, but if they are too light or malleable, they can be easily bent out of the frame with a crowbar.

Also, it is critical that your doors and windows have proper locks. When it comes to locking your doors, you need to make sure you have at least one deadbolt lock and then another lock for the actual doorknob. Without these two locking components, it will be very easy for an intruder to make his or her way inside. When it comes to your windows, you want to make sure that they have at least a sliding lock that can be configured from the inside.

Next, you might want to consider getting an alarm system. Some of the most top of the line alarm systems connect your entire home to a central responder station, so that if anyone tries to break into your home, police and security officers will arrive to inspect the scene. If you search “ADT security Austin Texas” you will find a number of incredible reviews, because ADT has been protecting homes with incredible effectiveness for decades. When you sign up with a home security system, the company will come to your house and connect all the doors and windows, so that if anyone trips the alarm, not only will you know if someone is trying to break-in, but so will the police.

Lastly, the little things really count when it comes to making your doors and windows more secure. For instance, installing blinds on the windows can really increase the security of your home. Also, you never want to have glass in your doors – either for the back entrance or the front entrance to your home. Glass can be very easily broken and there is no better way to make your home more vulnerable. However, by making sure your windows and doors are secure, you shouldn’t have to worry about a break-in - no matter where you live.


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