Installing Your Solar Lights

by admin on October 16, 2010

The light has a great importance in our daily life. It gives a form of protection and safety in times of darkness. Lighting has various uses and comes in many variations. There are many kinds of light fixtures and appliances such as light bulbs, fluorescent lights, LED grow lights, lanterns, porch lights, patio lights and many more.

One of the most important lights in your home is the solar lights that are placed on the outdoor of your house. These lights only illuminate during the night or the evening and they are important to keep criminals and annoying pets away from your home. The best feature of this light is it does not consume electricity which will save your cost while protecting the environment. Besides that, you are not required to endanger yourself with electrical wiring with these lights. All it needs to operate is just sunshine.

However, these lights must be placed in suitable place where it is able to obtain ample sunlight to charge its batteries. Make sure that the lights are not blocked by trees, plants, posts, buildings, walls or vehicles. View the potential location for a day and observe if there is too much shade in that spot for the whole day, you might want to change into a different location.

Moreover, take into consideration your geographical location and weather. Observe where the sun rises from in the outdoor of your home and place the lights accordingly. Rain, snow and fog can reduce the input of your solar lights panels which will disrupt the charging of the batteries. Therefore you should always keep them clean as dirt, snow, dust will gather on them. Make it a habit to inspect and clean the solar panels monthly to ensure that your outdoor solar lights are able to obtain sunlight more efficiently.

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