Japanese design for small spaces

by admin on April 2, 2013

I always loved Japanese designs. They convey a strong sense of modern feel without losing touch of their origin and history. Also, most of the designs are geared towards small apartments or spaces and this forces a lot of innovative ideas out of them. In this article, we will take a look at some of the cool Japanese small apartment design to see how they can squeeze a comfortable and stylish out of such a small living area.

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Japanese loft design for small spaces

In this loft apartment design, the designer uses a open concept for the living room to create a more spacious for an otherwise small space. The use of warm colors and lighting increases the cosiness of the home and makes the small space very livable.  Notice that there is no clutter in the space as everything is hidden in the different storage areas. This is something that a small apartment owner should take note of. Create lots of storage solutions!

Japanese design for a 400 sqft apartment

With only 400 sq ft to work with, the interior designers did a lot of interesting concepts to make this Japanese apartment a very livable place.  First, they combine the kitchen island and the dining table into a single space so that less room is required.  Second, they also make use of unused area such as the ceiling to create a small Japanese garden that actually adds to the beauty of the house. Third, they use different colors to denote different areas of the house, such as the use of pink walls to mark out the home office area.  Last, they used foldable furniture such as a foldable bed to release more floor space during the day.


Japanese no frills small apartment design

If you don’t want any high concepts, then this no frills Japanese small apartment design will be what you need. Nothing innovative here but everything is smartly designed so that spaces are maximized.  For example, notice the use of a thin Japanese wall paper to separate the bedroom and kitchen area? Also, noticed how everything is stacked towards the wall to allow more walking space in the middle.  This is any easy to pull off design that everyone can do.


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