Kitchen tables for small spaces

by admin on August 19, 2011

Continuing our series on space saving home decor, we will feature kitchen tables for small spaces in this article after readers liked our previous article on bathroom designs for small spaces article.  Readers sort of appreciate the fact that we know apartment are really getting smaller and smaller. However, that does not mean you cannot fully utilize the space by using some clever space saving solutions, innovative small room designs or to buy space saving furniture such as those that have been introduced below. Most of these small modular kitchen designs combine dining tables with the kitchen itself so that you can use less space.

Modular kitchen designs for small kitchens

This clever concept by German designers Kristin Laass and Norman Ebelt intelligently combines a dining table with the actual kitchen so that not a single inch of space is wasted. You can ‘closed’ the kitchen set when not in use so that it occupies less space. Within this small modular kitchen design, there is an induction cooktop, a refrigerator, an oven and a storage space.

Modern kitchen tables for small spaces

This is another clever design that combine a kitchen set with small dining tables. Created by Maria Lobisch and Andreas Näther, this modular kitchen design allows users to configure the kitchen in whatever configuration that suits the particular situation. The unit comes with a dining table for 4 person.  Besides the dining table, this kitchen unit also comes with sink, drying rack, shelving system. This system comes with a beautiful wooden material. Personally though, I wish there was a glass version because I like glass kitchen tables for small spaces.

Collapsible kitchen table

Designed by Albrecht Seeger and Martin Klinke, it features a clever kitchen table and chair concept as illustrated above. If you are looking for tall kitchen table for small spaces, this design will be exactly what you are looking for.

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