Little Tikes and the New Kitchen Set

by admin on January 30, 2011

Little Tikes has continued to redefine the real meaning of durability as its wonderful lineup of toys have surpassed the years to be proven as really great buys. If you have a child, he or she will surely enjoy the kitchen set from Little Tikes. This set is made for both genders and it may greatly provide stimuli for mental growth by inducing curiosity for its different functions. The kitchen set is perfect for growing minds as it gives them a chance to role-play and feel a certain sense of maturity. With Little Tikes, only the best is rightfully served to your child.

With the name “Cookin’ Sounds Gourmet Kitchen in Pastel Colors”, the kitchen set priced at a meager 60 dollars truly is an exception when it comes to these wonderful play sets. It simulates real life sounds as your child plays with its functions.

If you come to play with the toy stove top grill and burner, you will hear appropriate sounds like water boiling, bacon sizzling, and popcorn popping. What more, there is actually emission of light-up flames. If you get to the faucet, there are real sounds of running water, and clinking dishes and silverware. With only four AA alkaline batteries required, this set is just great for children aged two to four.

Some people may never get to appreciate toys for the many negative connotations they bring. When it comes to play sets, some complain that they are too heavy or that they take up a lot of room. This is not the case when it comes to the Little Tikes play sets though. Every piece that completes a set is very worth the price and effort. A child has so much to enjoy when it comes to these simulated play sets. What more, Little Tikes toys are really durable that one may even opt buying second hand counterparts. Examine also the Little Tikes country cottage and Little Tikes cube slide.

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