Low voltage deck lighting options

by admin on December 20, 2010

One of the best ways to improve the aesthetics of your home is to install deckĀ <a href=”“>deck lighting</a>. An even better approach to that, though, would be considering one of several low voltage deck lighting options.

The concept of voltage applies to circuits that require electricity to operate, and lower options therefore require less power to properly operate. There are many options that are able to accommodate this requirement, such as lights that are battery powered, solar powered, or rather than use other forms of lights that inherently have more relaxed power specifications, such as LEDs.

Battery powered lights provide a quick and easy approach in that they never need to be “plugged in” and typically run off of either AAA, AA, or 9V batteries, which are readily available at nearly every store. Depending on the frequency of your use and the size/number of lights used, however, the use of batteries may prove to be a cumbersome effort; they can “run out” fairly quickly and will then either need to be recharged or replaced. Buying new batteries is certainly a costly effort, but even buying rechargeable batteries can be expensive as the charger itself is certainly not cheap.

In that case, another alternative is that of solar powered low voltage deck lighting. These modules can be placed and arranged just about anywhere and rely on the sun to provide all energy, meaning that there is no hassling with batteries or reaching a power outlet. However, the main lacking of these is that they are not able to provide a significant amount of illumination. If you don’t intend to illuminate large areas of space, then perhaps these are all right, but if you want to clearly be able to see things at night then other options should be considered, namely LEDs.

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