Luxury bathroom designs

by admin on August 23, 2011

We have selected some of the best luxury bathroom designs to showcase in this article. We have intentionally choose to show small bathroom designs pictures as we understand that most of the apartments are quite small and need home decor ideas that can fit well in this setting. Although most of the designs we are showing will be quite expensive, you can take the concept and find a cheaper version of it. The more important thing is to let you what are the possibilities that you can consider for bathrooms designs for small spaces.

Modern bathroom designs

This fantastic design is created by GAD Architecture and is meant for the Buama House in Istanbul. The central feature of the design is the curvy shape that exhibits a strong sense of style and modernity. The red color accent create an attractive visual point for visitors while the combination of mosaic tiles with marble floor create a wonderful sense of contradictory but comfortable feel.

Black bathroom designs

If you want to look for black and white bathroom ideas, here is one that you will like. It makes full use of the compact space and design an environment that is both stylish and functional. The outstanding feature for this design is the lighting that makes the room looks spacious. The choice of the fitting such as the sink and the toilet bowl also makes the design more sleek and modern.

Contemporary bathroom designs

Designed by Villeroy and Boc, the central theme of this design is a sense of openness and elegance. The central theme is the oval whirlpool tub that can capture the attention of your visitors. There is a shower behind the frosted glass door for that minimalists design. If you don’t have the space, you can do away with the bathtub and keep the rest of the concept in your own design.


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