Make Your Gas Fireplace Rock

by admin on November 28, 2010

OK so you have just moved into a new house and it has a gas fireplace. At least that is what you would like to call it and yet it is a sad little thing with a gas pipe running into one pipe that has four gas vent holes in it. The rest of the fire pit is empty and the hearth and mantle is a sad flat little thing covered with beige tile. Obviously the original owner did not shell out for the expensive fireplace upgrades that so many builders try to push.

You got a good deal on your new place and you have a little extra cash to make the place your own and you know that a kick butt fireplace can really liven up a room. Your first instinct was to go for a modern look with colored fireplace glass and then you realized that you wanted this room to be cozy and traditional. So now it is time to make your gas fireplace look like a traditional fireplace that will warm up the room and yet have all of the bells and whistles.

First off, you like convenience so you decide that your new fire pit needs some upgrades and fireplace accessories. You get a a new fireplace burner that has 3 rows and several vents for the flames to come from. Then you have an electrician hook up power into the fire pit so that you can have automatic ignition and an electric fireplace blower so that your natural gas bill won’t be wasted and when the fireplace is on the room gets heated. You also want to use a remote to control the blower and to turn the fireplace off and on.

Next you find a quality ceramic log set that looks similar to real logs. You also find some nice lava rocks and ceramic pine cones to simulate embers. You find a nice new wooden surround that gives the flat tile fireplace a rich homey look. You also don’t like any wasted space so you top it off with a black surround that disguises any empty spots in the fire pit.

Now that your new fireplace is upgraded you don’t really need any more fireplace supplies. But you check out the latest gas fireplace accessories anyway and discover that a new glass fireplace door will prevent any cold air from coming into your home when the fireplace is not in use.

With the help of the proper supplies and a little planning your plain Jane fireplace has become your fabulous fireplace. A focal point of a room that any homeowner would be proud of. Now that your work is done it’s time to enjoy the fabulous new gas fireplace.

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