Making Your Bathroom Look Elegant With Frameless Shower Doors

by admin on February 12, 2011

If you’re getting bored with the style of your bathroom and need a change, look no further than installing frameless shower doors to modernize the look of your shower area. This is one of the growing trends in bathroom renovations today, and more and more people are replacing your extra long shower curtain with an equally large glass shower door instead. One look at these doors and you will instantly see why a lot of people are choosing to have this option in their homes; frameless shower doors add a modern and contemporary look to your bathroom, and, if done right, gives her bathroom a Zen like ambience that you could only usually get inside a spa.

You could choose between a swinging shower door, or a sliding glass door if you don’t have that much space around your bathroom. These glass shower doors have the ability to make your bathroom feel a lot more open and roomier. And in addition to any aesthetic benefits that you might get, you also save a lot of time in cleaning and maintenance because these shower doors are a lot more hygienic than traditional shower curtains made of wool or cloth. Frameless glass shower doors simply just do not develop mold or mildew, and are much easier to clean regularly. There is no need to unhook the curtain from its rings one by one, which is admittedly the most tedious task of bathroom maintenance for most people.

You would also be happy to know that frameless shower doors are a lot more durable than framed ones. This is simply because the glass used to build these doors are a lot thicker than usual; they can be as “thin” as 5/8 of an inch or as thick as 3/4 of an inch. Because of this extra thickness, you can rest easy knowing that there brand-new shower doors will not easily break and shatter if accidentally hit.

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