Making Your Own Shelves for Collectibles

by admin on January 12, 2011

If you are a woodworker, you can make shelves for collectibles for your own collections, your friends and family, and even for other collectors by commission.

When considering your next project, remember to style the decorative shelving to suite the collection to be housed on it. Fancy ornate china may not look its best on sleek modern shelves any more than it will on floating shelf brackets and glass shelves. Making a display shelving unit for delicate collectibles out of heavy planks is not going to give either the collection or the shelves fair representation. Display shelves for collectibles show up best when they support the collection both physically and stylistically.

One way to customize the shelves to the collection is in using suitable brackets for shelves that are separate and not a multiple shelf unit. Thus, you or the other collector can space the shelves as best shows off the collection. The shelf brackets can be as sleekly modern or ornately frilly as the collection requires. The weight of the shelves themselves should also reflect the shelf brackets and collectibles to be displayed.

Display shelves for collectibles are generally made from medium strength and size wood, and usually can have scroll work or turned detail as seems needed to lighten the weight of the shelves. Scroll work and turning also impart a more delicate style than plain shelves provide. Look for patterns and other ideas in your wood working library, and see if there aren’t a dozen good designs already in your possession. And don’t forget about floating corner shelves, as these allow you or the other collectors to utilize wasted, empty space while displaying your collection.

As a woodworker, you have a golden opportunity to make nice display shelves for collectibles for yourself and other collectors. Stockpile shelving designs against the day you are asked to make such shelves.

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