Maximize space in small bathroom

by admin on March 11, 2013

Have a small bathroom? Have no worries as we are going to show you some great ideas on how to create space in small bathrooms. Don’t worry about budget as most of the ideas we covered here will not empty your wallet. To maximize space, all we need to do is to find previously unused space and create additional storage. Hence, what we are featuring are just some really smart storage ideas that you might not have thought of.


Maximize the space above the toilet bowl

A lot of homes that I see failed to use this space above. You don’t need to go crazy here. Just install some wire shelving and you are done. This simple step will create storage solutions for all the toiletries that you need to keep.  More importantly, it will not take away any floor space since the toilet bowl has already taken that space.


Maximize all corners

The concept above is one that maximize the four corners of the bathroom. This is great for small bathrooms who can’t afford any additional space. All you need to recreate this design is to look out for bathroom fixture that can be slotted into the corner space like the basin or the toilet bowl.


Bathtubs for small bathrooms

Can you add bathtubs in small bathrooms? Absolutely! Just use the corner concept we spoke about and find a corner bathtub.  A corner bathtub saves lots of floor space and be installed in almost any small bathrooms.


Space saving shower

Using space saving fixtures like the foldable shower picture above is a great way to maximize space in your small bathrooms. Shower usually take out the most space in the bathroom. If we can mount them to the wall when not in use, the floor space will be free up so that the whole space doesn’t feel so cramped.


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