Minimalist kitchen design

by admin on August 19, 2011

A good minimalist design is now much appreciate among home owners who want to avoid too much clutter in their homes. However, a minimalist design does not sacrifice functionality for design. Rather, the innovation is in thinking about how spaces can be better utilized, how features can be combined and how clever storage can be created. All these are the hallmark of a great minimalistic design. In this article, we will take a look at minimalist kitchen designs that not only look greats and performs well as a cooking and dining space as well.

White minimalistic kitchen design

The designs featured above are from MK Cucine. The designs featured a mixture of metallic and glass materials to bring out the sophistication of a modern kitchen. At the same time, each functionality has been carefully integrated so that the space looks spacious and uncluttered when the kitchen is not in use. Each of the above design features a generous use of hidden storage solutions that allow home owners to have enough storage capacity for the kitchen.

Minimal kitchen decor

This futuristic kitchen design is by called Esential Wind and is designed by Italian manufacturer Toncelli. The kitchen island is 84 centimeters high while the cooking area is 72cm high plus 3cm for working area made of natural stone gray quartzite. The LED backlight is the highlight of the design, creating a cool and attractive effect. The materials used in this design include marble and gray quartzile.

Wooden minimalistic kitchen design

The Vao kitchen is designed by Sebastian Desch combines the elegance of wood grains with the contemporary feel of a modern kitchen. The unique idea behind this concept is that there are no handles anywhere. All the wooden parts of this design is made from natural wood which gives a real sense of presence in the kitchen.

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