Mixing modern and vintage decor

by admin on February 22, 2013

Mix, mix, mix. That is the secret of creating a truly unique decor style that belongs to you and you alone. One of the trends in combining decor style is to mix modern and vintage decor. These 2 styles are contradictory in nature and it is challenging to try and mix the 2 together. That is why I thought it will be good to give you a few ideas on how to do that. The trick, as we shall see later, is to keep one style as the prominent style and add in some accessories from the other style. Don’t ever try to do both in equal proportion. The outcomes will likely be a disaster.


Idea #1: Vintage setting with modern decor

The idea is to keep your flooring and walls vintage but to add in modern furniture pieces like the one shown above. The contrast creates a very contemporary style that might wow your visitors. It is easier if you keep the color tones of your vintage flooring and walls to mono tone colors as they look more modern.

Idea #2: Adding vintage furniture to a modern home

The idea here is to keep the whole house modern but to add in a few vintage furniture pieces. To keep the home from turning into a junkyard, keep the material of the vintage furniture consistent. In the image above, the home owner uses the concept mentioned here: mixing white furniture and wood.  In this way, the house will be unique without going into the messy territory.

Idea #3: Retro wall canvas

Using retro wall canvas is another simple way to add a vintage fieel to your home. You can choose from many different style, from painting of retro objects, to retro comic arts to even retro colors of your photos. The possibility is endless and is an easy way to execute of this idea.

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