Mixing modern furniture with traditional furniture

by admin on February 21, 2013

More and more, people are starting to experiment with different decor styles so as to create something that is unique to them.  This is one reason why we did the article on mixing white furniture with wood furniture.  However, there are so many different styles that can be create so it is worth for other things that we can do. Today, we will be covering how to mix modern furniture with traditional furniture. These might sound like a clash of styles but if you do it correctly, the result can be surprising and more importantly, uniquely yours.

Idea 1: Tradition material and settings with modern furniture

This is a tradition cabin home with its architecture design and wooden materials. What the home owner did very cleverly is to mix in some modern furniture such as the chairs and the modern fireplace. This is a old way in terms mixing modern furniture with old or traditional styling concepts. The end result is one where you feel that there is a tradition here being maintained yet has a sense of sophistication about the whole place.


Idea 2: Tradition furniture with modern colors

The image shows a room full of antique furniture but still manages to have a modern feel to it. What is the secret? A sense of openness and the use of white color is how you can achieve this same feel and look. Traditional decor is always cluttered so but doing away with the clutter, you can still the traditional furniture while looking modern at the same time. The white color helps to make the whole place more stylish and coherent.


Idea 3: Have modern walls to mix with traditional furniture

Another simple idea is to keep one part of the house modern while using traditional furniture for the rest of the home. The best place to use is the walls. Hang some modern wall art and/or wall mounted electronics and your house will instantly become more modern, even if you use traditional furniture. Notice how the above image also uses a clutter free decor with lots of white as well?



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