Modern accent chairs for living room

by admin on August 30, 2011

Contemporary accent chairs can make a big difference to how you living room will look. I remember my wife and I took a long time in selecting one for our living room. To ease you off such frustrations, we have listed some really nice living room accent chairs that you can. Even if you are look for accent chairs under 100, these deigns can serve as the basis when you go around looking for cheaper alternatives.

Below are some of the accent chair designs that we really like. Wish we can afford them though : )

Modern leather accent chairs

These beautiful leather accent chairs serve as perfect companion pieces in your living room. This Pagoda chair is manufactured by Ozzio and designed by Italy’s Mandelli e Selva Architetti. The leather is crocodile leather while the inner frame is made from strong steel. The entire design is very European in style and should be great if you are looking for a modern furniture piece for your home.

You can get designs that are more contemporary than the ones above. This design collection is created by Tony Lanzillo and manufactured by Colico. Featuring different colors, you get a selection of black, transparent, brown, orange and red accent chairs. The steel frame and the translucent material makes the chair very modern looking. I wonder how comfortable they are though as they look pretty hard to sit on.

Egg shaped accent chairs

If you are looking for something different then this egg shaped chairs by Arne Jacobsen will be what you want. Incredibly cute and very comfortable to sit in, these accent chairs have an adjustable tilt allows the users to adjust the weight and height of the user. These accent chairs comes in a variety of colors as shown in the picture. Our favourite is the blue accent chairs that looks just so adorable with the design and color.

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