Modern backyard landscaping ideas

by admin on January 18, 2013

When it comes to getting the most out of your home, you might overlook your outdoor space. While the land on your lot doesn’t factor into your usable square footage, there’s no reason you can’t do a backyard overhaul in order to get more value from all of the area at your disposal. In fact, many modern homeowners are opting to expand the value of their property by creating outdoor rooms that can provide them with more living space, not to mention a relaxing retreat from the din in the house. So if you’re looking for an escape that lets you kick back and commune with nature, here are just a few ways to create the modern backyard oasis you’ve been dreaming of.


Modern backyard structures

The first thing to think about is any structures you may want to add. This could include a patio or deck, tall fencing to hide you from the prying eyes of neighbors, or even some kind of covered shelter like a pergola, a gazebo, or even some a back house with sliding walls to let the sunshine and fresh air in. Since these structures could take up a bit of space, it’s a good idea to plan them first so that you don’t end up demolishing the garden you just added.


Modern outdoor seating

When creating a retreat of any kind, your primary concern is likely comfort, and in this respect you’ll want to consider the seating options you’re going to include for both yourself and any guests invited into your sanctum sanctorum. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding options when it comes to outdoor furniture, but rather than ordering it online, think about heading to a store that will let you take a load off and test the pieces you’re interested in. This will help to ensure that the seating you choose not only looks good, but also meets your standards for comfort. Remember that this durable furniture is going to last you a long time, so you might as well splurge a little and get the pieces that are perfect (don’t worry, you’ll get your use value out of them).


Artificial outdoor foliage

A sturdy deck and comfy furnishings make for a good start, but if you plop them down in a barren wasteland of a backyard you’re retreat isn’t likely to give you much satisfaction. Filling in the foliage will help to transport you to a virtual Eden of relaxation, so plan out islands of plant life, pathways to walk through, and a wide variety of native plants that provide you with screening from the neighbors and enough color to rival Monet’s famous gardens.


Modern outdoor night lighting

It’s easy to forget about lighting since you’re probably not considering nighttime use of your outdoor space. But if you want to get the most out of your upgrades you’ll need to toss the glaring flood light on the back of your house and opt for fixtures that match the style of your home and the mood of your garden. You might go for sconces on structures and fencing, pathways lit by solar-powered fixtures, or even overhead lanterns suspended from crisscrossed cables or hung in trees.


Modern pond design

Once you’ve got the basics done it’s time to consider extras like logo water features, outdoor umbrellas, and a grill. You might even install speakers camouflaged to look like rocks so that you can pipe in your music without the addition of unsightly electronics. These finishing touches will complete your space and turn it into the perfect backyard retreat.


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