Modern bathroom tile designs

by admin on February 8, 2012

This is a gallery of some of the best looking modern bathroom tile designs that are available in the market today for your modern home decor.

In bathroom designs, bathroom tiling is an important component that is often neglected. Not only do the bathroom tiling design has to look modern, they have to function well as bathroom tiles as well. This means that they can be dried easily and molds will not grow on them. With these in mind, let’s look at some of the best modern bathroom tile designs. In particular, let see the 3 techniques you can use to create great looking bathroom tiling design.

Modern bathroom tile design #1:  use tiles of different bathroom tile sizes

Presented above is a nice blend of white and grey modern bathroom tiles.  The use of asymmetry tiles highlight a nice contrast and make the monotony of tiling. Notice how some white tiles were also used in the gray tiles section to create a coordinated look. Overall, it is a nice use of bathroom tiling design.

Modern bathroom tiling design #2: Use contrasting bathroom tile textures

The highlight of this bathroom tiling design is the use of different tiling materials to create contrast. Notice how the bathroom tiles in the shower area is much coarser than the tiles used in the make up/ cleaning area. Also look at how different shades of gray are used to again highlight the different areas within the bathroom.  However the underlying color theme of gray and black ties the whole decor up nicely. Overall, a great piece of bathroom tiling design.

Modern bathroom tiling design #3: Use a contrasting color

The technique above shows how you can create attention grabbing bathroom tile designs by using a contrasting color on a small section of your bathroom. What I would improve on the design is to use the contrast to divide the different sections of the bathroom so that it plays a more functional role, rather than purely a decorative one.

Try these modern bathroom design techniques for your own modern homes. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised by the effects. For more ideas for bathroom designs, check out our articles on black and white bathroom designs and bathroom ideas for small spaces.

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