Modern bathtub designs

by admin on October 11, 2011

Following the success of our article on bathroom designs for small spaces, we realise our readers love to see more furniture design and ideas for modern bathroom. Hence, in this article, we decided to showcase some amazing bathtub modern designs. If you like to see some of these contemporary bathtub designs, take a look at some of the pictures below.

If you have seen some better modern bathroom designs, we will be happy to hear from. Just use the contact form and we will be more than glad to showcase your design ideas here.

Modern freestanding bathtub designs

Called the Grandtour by Rapsel, this is one of the coolest and modern freestanding bathtub design that I have seen. Featuring a unique shape, this masterpiece in bathtub design has clean lines and a ghostly white color. If you have a contemporary bathroom design, this bathtub will fit right into your modern decor.

Small corner bathtub for small spaces

This corner shower bathtub is by Albatros and has a cute name called Suri. If you stay in small apartments or small rooms, this small corner bathtub design fits right into your small living space. Featuring 7 whirlpool jets and 12 airpool valves, it also offers the user great relaxation. With such a timeless design and great functionality, the Suri is one our recommended choice. If you cannot afford this expensive bathtub, try to look for a similar looking one :p.

Black modern bathtub design

This ultra luxurious bathtub is made by by Corcel. This is, in fact, a limited edition and is one to get if you want an exclusive bathtub design.  The highlight of the design is definitely the curved lines that can play all sorts of tricks with the lights. Under the right lighting, this black modern bathtub really comes to life and is worthy of any modern bathroom design for small spaces.


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