Modern black and red decor ideas

by admin on January 31, 2013

Black and red is a rather outstanding color combination to be used for your home. Typically, red and black represents sophistication and elegance, with a touch of intensity. Not suitable for all home owners but definitely a winning combination for those who like it. Below are some tips on how you can decorate your home with black and red, without costing you a bomb.


Black and red wall decor

If you are not comfortable with a strong black and red theme, you can always start with something that is softer. One of the ways is to used red and black wall decor pieces like what is shown above. By placing such intense colors on a white colors, it will draw attention from your visitors, without decking your entire home with black and red.


Black and red with white flooring

Another way to soften the impact of black and red is to use a white flooring. The white floor will act to neutralize some of the intensity of the red and black colors. In the images above, you can how black and white takes a stronger percentage of the kitchen while only the kitchen island is red. The design here is eye catching but not in an overwhelming way.


Choose black or red

An important choice you have to whether to have a black colored wall or a red one. It is not advisable to have both as they might ‘compete’ too much with each other. Black walls carry a more elegant feel while red colors are more intense. Depending on the kind of mood that you want to create, you need to pick one among two. The image above shows how a room can look, depending which color you choose as the main theme.


Black and red bathroom

If you want both colors to be featured equally, it is best to do so within a smaller space such as the bathroom. The reason is that this color combination gives off a very intense feel and you don’t want to be facing such intensity in your home everyday. Keeping it within a small part of your home allows you to use less strong colors in other more visited areas such as bedroom or living room.

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