Modern concrete flooring

by admin on December 1, 2012

Unless you happen to be into the green living movement, you likely haven’t considered concrete as a viable option for covering large surfaces in your home. Traditionally, floors in the home are covered with wood, stone, carpeting, or some combination of these elements. But some of these options deplete natural resources and all of them contribute to pollution and waste (not to mention depleting your bank account). However, concrete has emerged as a relatively
recent alternative when it comes to flooring, and thanks to modern advances it can provide you with the underfoot décor you seek in your home. In fact, you might be surprised by all of the options that can be offered by modern concrete. So whether you’re shooting for an ultra-minimalist, industrial look or you’d simply like to explore an eco- friendly alternative to standard flooring options, here are just a few ways that concrete could fit the bill.

For those that are interested in an uber-modern approach to homemaking, plain concrete could be an ideal flooring surface. Not only is it inexpensive and easy to install, but it also requires very little upkeep (provided you seal it to avoid issues with moisture, staining, and so on – keep in mind that unsealed concrete is extremely porous). In addition, it is resistant to all kinds of common household issues like termites, mold, fire, and so on, making it one
of the safest and most durable flooring options on the market. And of course, it can definitely add to a modern, industrial aesthetic in its purest form.

However, most homeowners are looking for something a little more decorative when it comes to their flooring. Luckily, concrete can deliver on this front as well thanks to modern techniques in staining and sealing such surfaces. When you consider concrete, your initial thoughts no doubt turn to the cement slabs that are used for sidewalks, driveways, and patio areas outside the home. But you needn’t fear that installing concrete flooring will result in an ugly eyesore or rough tread underfoot. For starters, you can stain concrete in all kinds of colors in order to create the look of a complex, tiled mosaic should you so choose, even going so far as to add imprints that resemble the grout between tiles.

But even better than that is the fact that concrete can be made to mimic nearly any other hard surface (and even some soft ones). It can be stained, stamped, and polished to look like granite, marble, or other natural stone, for starters, or you might have it dyed and textured to resemble rustic, hardwood planks. You could even get the look of textiles like linen or leather if that is your desire. And with all kinds of different finishes to choose from you could have the
slick, smooth appearance of a solid marble slab or the uneven topography of slate tiles (services for concrete polishing Perth to Paris to Pennsylvania can help you out here). In truth, modern concrete installation is so good that visitors to your home won’t likely realize that your flooring is concrete, especially if you don’t tell them.

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