Modern corner table

by admin on March 20, 2013

Corner tables are a space saver but most of them look downright ugly as well. Putting them into a modern home just wouldn’t cut it. Hence, I did a bunch of research to see if I can dig up some really modern looking corner tables that look good and helps you to save space (by the way, you can check out this article on corner kitchen tables that I have written previously).

The important thing to look out for is how space these corner tables requires from the wall to the end of the desk. Too long a space will means more floor space being taken up. So take your time and pick one that is right for your house size.


Modern corner computer table

Corner computer tables are great for creating a home office in small apartments. They make full use of an otherwise unused space and create nice cozy place for you to work. Again, watch out that it doesn’t occupy too much floor space or it will defeat the purpose of having a corner computer table. The image above shows the right way on how this can be done.

An alternative to corner desk is to a thin desk against the wall. This also helps to maximize the use of corner spaces.


Modern corner dining table

The dining place is also  a good place to place a corner dining table. Typically, it is the dining chairs or bench that will be laid against the wall and not the table itself. You can see how it will look with the image above. Again, this helps the usage of your floor space and creates a more open feel.

Modern corner console table

Most corner console table just look horrible. The design and the finishing just looks like they are not from this modern century. Hence, it is with great relief  that I came across the above in my research. Coming from, it has a sleek design that takes up minimal floor space.



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