Modern display cases

by admin on February 13, 2013

For those who like to collect stuff, being able to display them in our homes make our hobby more enjoyable. Personally, I collect lot of comics but have a hard time trying to display them without destroying the decor of the house. There are a couple of solutions that I came up with. One is to use display cases with doors so that they can be ‘hidden’ from sight. The other solution is to buy some modern display cases so that the overall feel of the home is not being diluted.

Below are some modern display cases


Modern wooden display cases

I liked this modern display case from Baixi. Perfect to display your lego toys or comic books. The shelves are deep inside to hold your items, no matter how bulky they may be. Their contemporary design also blends in well with whatever modern theme you are trying to create. Best of all, I loved the many compartments they have within each shelf to organize the items.


Modern display wall shelf

For a more outstanding design concept, you can have an entire divider as a display case, like what is shown in the picture above.  Not only does this concept create ample storage but it look very attractive as a display unit. Doesn’t matter what you put in there as it will good regardless. I will love to put my comic casing in one of these display shelves :)


Modern comic display case

If you have a truly massive collection, this kind of end to end display shelves will be what you need. It looks good but provides plenty of storage space as well. Best of all, it can display both toys and comics in case you are collecting both types of items. The only thing is that you might need to buy more things to fill in all these spaces!

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