Modern furniture with hidden storage

by admin on September 15, 2014

With our living spaces getting smaller and smaller, it is essential that we make best use of all available spaces. One of the most prominent idea recently was to have hidden storage within furniture. The fact that they are hidden means it will not create a cluttered look in your home while being able to maximise your storage capacity. Below are some ideas for hidden storage that will be particularly useful for a small home. If you need more ideas, visit this new website,, that features a lot more tips and tricks such as this cool article on headboards with hidden storage.


Modern coffee table with hidden storage

modern coffee table with hidden storage

Schulte Design has created this wonderful piece of furniture. On first glance, it is an elegant coffee table. However, by sliding the tables outwards, it reveals a hidden storage that allows you to place magazines and other small items. Beautifully designed, this is a great addition to any home.

Modern sofa with hidden storage

modern sofa with hidden storage

Sofa is another furniture that has plenty of hidden storage opportunities.  The example shows how it can be transformed into a bookshelf or big empty space.  With such a big sofa, you can bet there is plenty of storage space for you to store stuff.


Modern floating shelf with hidden storage

modern floating shelf with hidden storage

Floating shelf are mostly known for creating storage on empty walls. However, do you know that within floating shelf itself, there is more opportunity to create hidden storage. The above shows how a sleek drawer can be built into a floating shelf. For more ideas, you can refer to this article: 4 floating shelf with hidden storage.


Bathroom with hidden storage

modern bathroom with hidden storage

Pull out shelves is another way to easily create hidden storage for your home, especially the bathroom. You can build the pull out shelves behind mirror wall and use it to store toiletries and stuff for your bathroom.


Bathtub with hidden storage

modern bathtub with hidden storage

Another idea for your bathroom is to have a bathhub with hidden storage. This way, you will not waste any valuable space even if you want a bathtub in your house.

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