Modern holiday decorating ideas

by admin on December 7, 2012

When you think of holiday decorating, what immediately comes to mind? Evergreen Christmas trees? Wreaths hanging on the front door? Candles and red ribbons? Without a doubt, all of those are beautiful ways to celebrate the holiday season, but what if you’re someone who is a bit less traditional?

If you’re looking for some modern home holiday decorating ideas, we have five that are definitely atypical, but can still keep you in the holiday spirit:

Make your own tree. If you want a tree in the house, but you want to have one “with a twist”, there are lots of things that you can do. You can use some chalkboard paint to create an accent wall and draw a tree on it. You can purchase an artificial bare tree from a local arts & crafts store and hang handmade ornaments from it. Or, you can go more simplistic route and put a branch from an evergreen tree into a clear vase and fill it up with water and clear marbles.


Light the way…differently. Lit candles on window sills present the feelings of comfort during Christmas. A nice alternative to them is to buy a luminaria kit. They come in a variety of styles and patterns that you can use to put in the window or to line up the walkway to your house.


Use some Instant Snow. If you’re dreaming about a white Christmas but it doesn’t look like one will be coming your way, you don’t have to go without it (relatively-speaking). There is actually a product called “Instant Snow” that you can use inside of your home to produce the visual effects of snow without all of the messiness that comes with what happens once it melts. You can find it pretty easily on Amazon for less than 20 bucks (including shipping).

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Choose a different color palate. When you think of traditional holiday colors, what are the ones that tend to immediately come to mind? Yellow? Red? Green? Another modern d├ęcor thing that you can do is to decorate your home in colors that are not quite as classic but still represent the winter season: silver, blue, white, gray. You can even accent your decorations with crystal snow globes, ornaments and beads and even glassware for your kitchen.


“Jingle Bells” wreath. A wreath is oftentimes the first holiday decoration that people see when coming to your home. If you want it to be one that is a bit “outside of the box”, a wreath that is made up of nothing but jingle bells is cute, festive and a fun family project if you have kids. So, while dad is going through the house looking for ways to increase the home ventilation in it, you and your children can be sitting around a warm fire, eating cookies and hot cocoa and making a jingle bells wreath in between Christmas movie commercials. For detailed instructions on how to make one by hand, visit Martha Stewart, eHow or YouTube and put “jingle bell wreath” in the search field.

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