Modern indoor water feature ideas

by admin on May 30, 2012

Choosing your décor is not only a fun way to pass the time; it is also a method of showing your style aesthetic as you create your sanctuary from the busy modern world. This means you want it to be both comfortable and attractive so that you can relax and breathe a sigh of relief every time you walk in the door. Along those lines, you have likely chosen a soothing color palette that speaks to your personal preference, as well as furnishings and accessories that are appealing and familiar. It may not look like the designer homes you seen in magazines, but you’ve definitely made the space your own. And with a few finishing touches you can turn it into the tranquil retreat you’ve been dreaming of. So add some soft lighting and a few plants and then think about installing a modern indoor water feature to seal the deal.

You might be somewhat hesitant to place a modern water feature indoor  in your home. What if it leaks? Aren’t they difficult to clean and maintain? While these are certainly valid concerns, you can find ways to address them both. For starters, it’s not as if you’re going to build your own water feature from scratch; you’re either going to purchase one that’s already made or hire a professional to build it for you. This should alleviate the possibility of leaks. As for cleaning and maintaining your system, you can definitely take steps to cut down on the work here. For one thing, you can look for a water feature with few parts so that it is easy to drain and clean. And you can also use distilled water (instead of tap) so that there’s less chance of mineral deposits forming that scaly buildup that you see in some fountains.

But how do you ensure that your water feature matches your modern décor? You don’t really want something that looks like a birdbath or an outdoor fountain. There are a couple of ways to make it modern and it mainly relies on the materials you use and how they’re arranged. One feature that is spectacularly modern involves creating a tall, vertical surface for water to flow down. In the past, water features primarily had water burbling up and spilling over, hence the name “water fountain”. These days the popular way to get the soothing sound of running water is to create a system that pumps water to the top and lets it trickle down over vertical surface.

The sound you achieve depends largely on the type of vertical surface you choose. You could opt for a water wall, with slate, tile, or even rippled copper for the water to sluice over. Or you could go for a stacked rock configuration or even strings of beads that the water can drip down. If you have a lot of space you could create a rainwater style feature that allows droplets to free-fall into a pool of some sort (provided you account for splash damage). In your search for indoor fountains you will encounter a lot of options, but if you want to go for something modern, skip those that push water up and out and opt for one that allows it to flow down as gravity intended.


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