Modern japanese kitchen appliances

by admin on October 17, 2012

A modern home goes beyond just modern decor and modern furniture. It includes all the things you used inside the home including home appliances. In this article, we wil take a look at some cool modern japanese kitchen appliances. Why Japanese? Because they are know to produce smart appliances that fit into their small homes. In addition, if the appliance breaks down, appliance repair professionals have more experience with these brands and models and so recovering your appliance is much more likely. So, if you are looking for useful kitchen appliances that are space saving, then looking at Japanese designs will not be wrong.

Modern Japanese food preparation table

This beautiful Japanese design by Philips Design comprise kettle, cups, steamer and other essential cooking modules. It is inspired by the Japanese culture on how items are arranged and also in terms of the eco friendly materials being used. The cool thing about this appliance is that it is intelligent. The table will show the energy being consumed while cooking.

Modern Japanese rice cooker

The Panasonic’s new SR-SX2 Series  is the first rice cooker in the food that can be controlled using your Android phones.Using your phone, it is now possible to change all sorts of settings such as temperature, cooking time and even how moist you want your rice to be. If you always dream of controling your appliance, this will be what you always dream of!

Besides controling all the settings using your phone, there is a really cool feature whereby you can choose recipes from a cloud server and send the cooking instructions to the cooker. Users can also add their own recipes to the cloud for future use. Such smart kitchen appliances will make the life of a home owner much easier.

Modern Japanese bowl and chopsticks

While technically not a kitchen appliance, the beauty of this Japanese bowl and chopstick set forces me to list it here.  Created by ESTMONT design, the set focuses on the Japanese culture of rice eating. The funnel provides an easier way to access the rice and the 2 holes provide a place to hold the chopsticks when not in use.

It is an elegant piece of tableware that provide both functionality and style. The white surface can be customised with individual designs if you want something that is more personalised.

Modern smart fridge

While not Japanese, the Samsung smart fridge is another modern appliance that catches the Japanese spirit of minimalism. However, underneath the elegant surface lies some smart technlogy. It has a wifi connection which opens up lots of opportunities for added benefits.

One can now use the wifi to browse for recipes that include the ingredients currently in the fridge. It can alsos be used to leave notes to your friends in your social network. Imagine packing a sandwich and leaving a note to your spourse saying that it is in the fridge, without touching your phone.  Such a smart fridge definitely makes your life easier and more convenient.

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