Modern kitchen designs for small spaces

by admin on September 18, 2012

Your kitchen is truly one of the most important areas in the entire house but with living spaces becoming smaller and smaller, it is important to design that can fit around this small space. Fortunately, kitchen designs have evolved drastically these few years. Kitchen furniture is getting smaller and most can perform multi functions. Foldable and stackable kitchen items are also becoming the standard items for small kitchens. In this article, I will list out a few easy design guidelines for a modern kitchen design meant for small spaces.

Choose multi function kitchen furniture

When it comes to appliances, utilities, and gadgets, go for multi function whenever possible. It may be more expensive, but they help to save spaces by combining multiple functions into one object. Designing your kitchen with the right multi function ktichen appliances will make also cleaning and maintenance a lot easier, which will have untold value as for adults who have no time to allocate for cleaning kitchens. If you’re shopping for any new appliances, go with mulit fucntion and you’ll never regret it.

Create wall mounted storage for your kitchen

Aside from cleanliness multi function, creating storage should be your primary concern in the kitchen. There should be plenty of hidden storage places to hide all your utensils. Currently, there are a couple of modern kitchen storage that you can consider. One example is the wall mounted storage. You can hang these anywhere you choose, so that your valuable wall space is being maximised. This has the added benefit of reducing surface clutter, opening up space in your kitchen and giving it a sleek, modern look. Below is an extreme example of how kitchen wall storage for small spaces can look like.

Expandable furniture to create multi function living spaces

Another modern kitchen design tip is to think of expandable furniture that can be tucked away when not in use. This applies the concept that a common space can be used for multi functions. During meal times, the same place that is a living room can be used as a dining space. This can be achieved via expandable kitchen furniture that can be hidden away when not in use. The concept below shows how this can be done:

Modern cooking equipment

Finally, take a look at your cooking area such as the stove area. Most likely they can be streamlined to open up more spaces . A simple way is to buy sleek modern cooking stove like the image below.

They have a very clean modern look, and they don’t have dangerous hot surfaces or open flames to worry about. Check your favorite home improvement or design blog for more ideas–the possibilities are practically limitless.


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