Modern mantel decorating ideas

by admin on November 27, 2012

Modern holiday decoration is all about marrying the new and the classic. There are certain decorative approaches that have truly stood the test of time, and will always have a place in the home. If you can modernize them while finding ways to add the touches that make them your own, all the better. And one of the most enjoyable spots to decorate for the holiday season is the mantel. This is one of those classic holiday focal points, with the stockings hanging and the milk and cookies placed nearby to help Santa Claus refresh himself when he drops down your chimney. And though your home may be stylistically quite different from those classic Norman Rockwell paintings, that doesn’t mean you can’t come up with a beautiful modern mantel decoration that your family will love all season long. Here are a couple of tips for approaches that you may enjoy.

One way to join the modern with the classic is to focus on natural materials for your mantel decoration. This look is simple, elegant and also environmentally friendly, which should be an important aspect of year-round design and decoration strategy. Basically, head out into the yard or to the closest park for all of your raw materials. Grab pine cones, evergreen twigs, chestnuts and branches to use as staging for all the rest. Then turn your mantel into a homemade wreath. The green of the pine needles with the browns of the pinecones and branches will look incredible together. Top it off with some fake snow or silver glitter to give it that wintry feel. And the best part is the smell that will permeate the living room for the holidays.

Hanging stockings will always be a part of holiday mantel decorating, but your particular choices will certainly make the difference between classic kitsch and modern fun. One great way to give it a new look is to choose stockings in non-traditional colors. Look for wintry blues, whites, silvers and reds in unique designs. You could find stripes, sunbursts, circles or geometric figures, and mix and match each style. That will make the whole mantel stand out far more than if you lined it with those standard red and white stockings. Another cool option is to try and pick stockings that match the paint you have on the walls.

Instead of a packed, busy mantel, try a modern and clean look with various sized and shaped glass containers. Look for hurricane glass or candy bowls you can repurpose for your needs, and the more variety the better. Then you can fill each one with color coordinated holiday goodies. This is a great way to display extra ornaments that don’t fit on the tree or candles that match the season. You can mix this with the natural look by placing pinecones and evergreens in a couple of the glass canisters, filling them with water and floating votive candles, or even floating seasonal flowers and garlands.

Upcycling is one of the hottest modern decoration techniques, so take a look around the house to find things you already have that could decorate the mantel this holiday season. Any pieces that are timeless or antique would work. Consider brass candleholders, old clocks, wooden, pewter or silver bowls or even holiday-themed books. You can top each one off with more of those natural materials to finish the look. Old frames also work great with this application. Just give them a weathered paint job so they look antique instead of just old.

Finally, go with a gift-wrapped look. This is another great way to use old frames. Just wrap them up like colorful presents and hang them on the wall. Find boxes you can wrap up in unique ways, decorated with a bit of glitter or fake snow. The only limits are your creativity. Just make sure that if this mantel tops one of your active fireplaces that you keep any flammable materials from hanging down the front. The last thing you want is a fiery holiday disaster!


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