Modern mirror design

by admin on February 20, 2013

Mirrors are a great way to make a space feels bigger.  They can also be used as decorative pieces due to the many modern designs currently available in the market today.  When looking for modern mirrors design, pay attention to their shapes and functionalities.  In today’s world, no longer are we restricted the traditional rectangular mirror design.  Instead, look out for designs that have sexy curves, hidden functions and stylish borders.


Modern mirror wall arts

As part of their Art Deco collection, Italian company Stocco is offering some great modern mirror designs that looks so good that they can be used as wall art.  The emphasis here is on the mirror border design that borrows inspiration from modern art design including patterns and texture innovation. If you want a mirror that look good in your living room, try the Art Deco collection. You wouldn’t be disappointed.

Modern mirror for bathroom

If you are looking for a modern mirror for your bathroom, this stylish and sexy curved mirror from ArtCeram of Italy is a great choice. Not only does it looks good, but the elongated design can make your bathroom looks much bigger. It also combines a sink with the mirror, thus making the whole item very useful and functional.


Round modern mirrors

Looking for round modern mirrors? How about this modern bubble art mirror that features a unique round design as well as plenty of mirrors to reflect your living room?  The bubble design makes this piece of design very eye catching and is worth to be a center piece in your home.


Unique modern mirrors

You can also try some of these modern mirrors with unique shapes such as the one shown above. They looked very nice as a standalone piece and they probably don’t cost that much either.


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