Modern patio heater

by admin on December 4, 2012

When it comes to modern patio heaters, there are a number of choices that one can make. In terms of heating options, you can choose from electric heater or the traditional wood burning. Regardless of how the heat is generated, you can find very modern design for these heaters to complement your modern patio designs (you can also refer to the article on hanging patio lights). Below are a selection of modern patio heaters that wouldn’t break the bank for you.

Modern wood burning fireplace

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 This gorgeous looking modern patio fireplace is from Weber, who is famous for their outdoor products such as their outdoor grills.  Stunning, 48 out of 64 customer reviewers gave this a 5 star our of 5. That is good this modern patio heater is.  The design is modern and the entire thing is well built and not prone to rusting.

Some other plus points about this weber heater:

  • The lid helps to keep the heat down at the chair level, thus is more effective at keeping the people warm
  • The lid can also help to put up the fire so it is really useful when you want to go indoors without the fire still burning
  • Easy to assemble. On average it takes around 30-40 minutes
  • No burnt marks if you use the patio heater on a concrete flooring
  • Reasonable pricing

Best selling patio heater

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This is the besting selling patio heater in Amazon that doesn’t use real wood for heat generation. There are a lot of things to like about this heat but here are some of the common ones that have been expressed by others:


  • Price is very attractive for such a well made product
  • Quiet so it doesn’t affect the conversation that is going on
  • Right height such that the heat can be felts and yet without the light shining too brightly
  • Safe to use


  • The instructions for assembling the patio heater is not as clear thus making it confusing for folks who are trying to put it together.


If you are looking to buy modern patio heater, anyone of the selection above is a good choice.


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