Modern retro bathroom design

by admin on April 10, 2013

Modern retro, or retro chic as some would prefer, is a new trend in home decor design. Combining vintage with modern decorating style  is a tough balancing act and one that can easily go wrong.  We have already profiled some ideas in Today’s article will deepen that profile with a focus on modern retro bathroom decor design.

In the below section, we will covering some ideas from different eras including 50s, 60s, and 70s. Each era has its own unique characteristic which can be incorporated into a modern bathroom so that it becomes a unique design by itself. Read on to see how you can use some of these ideas for your own bathroom.

Modern 50s bathroom design

The 50s bathroom design was characterized by comfort and a sense of leisure. Pastel colors were often used, including pink which are particularly popular. All these features were captured in the image above. The owner has carefully modernized the look by de-cluttering the bathroom trough plenty of storage options. The end result is a great design that has its 50s roots but without the feeling of over cluttered.

Modern 60s bathroom design

Unlike the 50s, 60s saw the rise of hippies culture as well as a general increase in people’s likelihood of taking risks. This resulted in decor styles that were much more experimental and contains elements from different sources.  This characteristic is reflected in the design above where we see the use of bold colors and contrasting materials. What made this design modern is the generous use of white color as well as bathroom furniture with clean finishing.

Modern 70s bathroom design

The 70s is an age with strong optimism in the air. During this age, we see the use of bright colors as well as space age decor style. A lot of patterns were used as well. We see all these in the image above where there is the use of strong colors and wall patterns. The metallic materials completes the space age look as well as gives the bathroom a modern feel.


Modern 80s bathroom design

80s is where we start to see modern designs that parallels what we seeing today. White was starting to become a common color. Other common colors included darker tones such as navy blue and hunter green. Minimalist design was also starting to rear its head.  If you want to create a modern retro bathroom look, the 80s is the easiest to modify from.

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