Modern space saving home design ideas

by admin on August 14, 2012

No matter how small or large your living space may be, at one time or another, you’ve probably found yourself wishing that you had more room. If you live in something like a studio or one-bedroom apartment, it makes sense for obvious reasons. But even if you live in a large house, the dilemma is usually either that you bought a lot of things so there’s not a lot of space left, or that you have a lot of people living in the home and so you have to find creative ways to accommodate everyone.

Whatever your personal situation may be, we have enclosed five home design tips that will help you to save space in your place—or at least give the appearance that you have:

Use modern ottomanĀ  coffee table. A coffee table is a lot like a living room couch in the sense that virtually every home has one. The thing is, they usually tend to be a traditional table and that doesn’t leave many storage options other than a place to put your magazines on. Why not swap out the table that you currently have with a modern ottoman coffee table instead? That way you can still use it as a “centerpiece” for your living room, but you can also use it to store items on the inside of it as well.

Don’t block your windows or doors. The key thing about windows and doors is that they represent open spaces in a house right? So, if you want your place to look like it has a lot of space, why would you block those areas with furniture and bookshelves? A bookshelf along an empty wall is a wonderful space-saving idea. One that is in front of your bedroom window is not.

Monochromatic isn’t a bad thing. Picking one or two colors that complement one another (and aren’t very dark) is another way to “open up” a room. For instance, if you have light gray walls, furniture that is white, sky blue or even another shade of gray is a beautiful way to complement them. If you add some modern-looking light fixtures, it will also keep shadows from casting across the space and make the room look even bigger.

Do your window treatments differently. If eyes are the windows to the soul, in many ways the windows of a house are its gateways. It brings in the light and tends to be one of the main focal points when people walk into a room. However, a really “busy” one (like windows with lots of fabric draping across it or trinkets on the windowsill) can actually make a room look smaller than it actually is. Therefore, it’s best to keep the treatments as simple as possible. Blinds for large windows or sheer curtains for smaller one are both nice ways to expand the look of your space.

Less is more. Finally, if you have so much furniture in a room that you can’t walk a few feet without bumping into a chair or couch or table, it’s probably time to downsize. Remove a couple of pieces or get smaller ones (such as swapping out a couch for a loveseat). Also, make sure that the furniture is upholstered in a solid color or a textured pattern rather than a loud hue or vibrant print. In your home, you want people to feel comfortable, not crowded. Even visually. That’s one of the greatest keys to doing things to create more space.


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