Modern storage cabinets for living rooms

by admin on February 18, 2013

Storage cabinets are a must for every home that wants to be organized. You can never have too much storage space as the things just keep piling up over the years.  The good thing is that storage cabinet designers have gotten cooler and more sleek than before. Here, you will see some of the modern storage cabinets that we will collected around the web for you to browse. It is the best of both form and function. Enjoy the article!


Modern modular storage cabinets

Modular storage cabinets are very easy to work with. If you think your storage needs will change over time, these are your best choices as they can allow you to combine them in different ways to achieve what you need.  The above is designed by Lucie Koldo. These are made of wood and can be stacked or rearranged into whatever shape you desire. The unique shape make these modern storage cabinets very trendy looking and fashionable.


Modern wall mounted storage cabinets

This wall mounted storage cabinets is designed by Suite NY. It is a 3 dimensional design that is meant to give your home a more indepth feel.  Each of the square can be open individually to storage anything that can fit into them. They are great for storing your media such as magazines, DVDs, games etc.


Modern storage cabinets with doors

Some folks want cabinets with doors because they want to keep the dirt and dust out.  Unfortuantely, most doors have no unique design. I found a particular model from Minotti Furniture, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, that makes some creative use of the doors. The above image shows how he created a concentric design around the 4 doors of the cabinet so that it looks more contemporary than your average wooden cabinets.


Modern wooden storage cabinets

If you want a standalone storage cabinet, this stylish wooden cabinet from Kaia Helene Lien Lisveen of Norway will be ideal. Using a minimalist approach to her furniture design, the storage cabinet has a curved shape that can be pushed sideways to reveal the storage.  It is elegant and looks perfect in a home with modern decor.




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