Modern wall mount fireplace

by admin on November 25, 2012

With the chill coming in, it is a great time to buy a modern wall mount fireplace if you have always looking for one. Wall mounted fireplaces not only are space efficient but some designs can actually act as wall features. Although the latter will be more pricey but you are achieving two purposes with one purchase. Below are some outstanding modern wall mount fireplaces.

Stainless steel wall mount fireplace

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This stainless steel wall mount fireplace from SEI is both contemporary and expensive looking.  Featuring mirror like finish at the top and bottom, reviewers have been saying that it is very well made and look absolutely gorgeous when placed as the centerpiece of your home. Each fireplace holds up to 3 gel fuel cans for maximum warmth. If you are looking for a contemporary wall mount gel fuel fireplace, you can’t get better than this. The best news is that Amazon is offering a whooping 50% discount of this item, making it more value for money.


Dimplex RWF-DG sahara electric wall mounted fireplace

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For folks looking for modern electric wall mount fireplace, rather than the ones using gel fuel cans, the dimple RWF-DG sahara is a  great choice. There are many things to like about this fireplace. For example, it is economical to run as it costs only 2 cents per hour for the flame and 8 cents per hours for the flame and heater option.  The set up is fairly simple as you can simply plug the fireplace’s power cord into your electric socket, just like any other electric appliances.

The best thing is that this wall mount electric fireplace is very eco friendly as there is no gas emissions as a result of the heat generating. It is also very safe as the surface is made of tempered glass that is always cool to the touch.

The only downside is that the packaging might be a problem. There seems to be a couple of complaints about the good not arriving in perfect condition which I suspect is due to the lack of styrofoam protecting the top of and bottom of the fireplace. Remember to check for such any defects when you received the good!


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