Modern window design trends

by admin on May 2, 2012

Can you imagine what our homes would be like without windows? They let light into our space, they provide us with the capability to look out into the world and when they’re “dressed up” just right, they’re also an exquisite element of any room. This is why when it comes to exploring the concept of window treatments, some real thought should be placed into how to properly design the “openings to the soul of our house”.

Do you want to update your windows to look more modern, but you’re not sure of the latest trends? Here are five great ideas that are sure to inspire the home designing novice and pro alike:

Neutral hues. If you have a room that has an earth-toned base, then why not follow the same theme by selecting a curtain palate of a similar shade? For instance, if the room is eggshell and the furniture is a variation of that color, consider some linen tan curtains or some faux wooden (or even bamboo) blinds to bring just a bit more depth and warmth to the room without overdoing it. You can use accessories like pillows and plants to break up any monotony in the space.

A bit of shade. The fun thing about window shades is that they come in a wide variety of styles, colors and patterns. One look that’s really popular right now is the sheer window shade (so you definitely don’t want to use this in a room where there’s lots of outside traffic). Sure they’re sheer in color, but they provide lots of personality to any room. And one of the best parts about them is that you can find them for a really economical price.

Drapes, anyone? It used to be that when people thought of curtains, they thought of the traditional fabric that you buy from a store hangs from a curtain rod as displayed in a magazine or furniture showcase room. Now people are definitely getting more creative by using several different pieces (and colors and sizes) of fabric to layer over one another as they hang from the rod. This is a great look especially for the dining room and master bedroom, places where you don’t mind material hanging down to the floor and children and pets won’t be tugging on the material.

Try some roller blinds. Interchangeable with the term “roller shades”, these are basically fabric shades that range in texture from sheer to opaque in virtually any pattern that you can think of. They’re nice because they provide a crisp and clean look to every room, which is definitely something to consider for the kid’s bedrooms or the bonus room. Speaking of blinds, being that a lot of them look so casual, if you want a uniform look throughout the house for your windows with the use of the blinds, but you would like to dress up some of the rooms (like the living room or guest room), another big trend is to frame the blinds with fabric (similar to draping) or a set of curtains. A window treatment that remains open, showcasing the blinds, are a nice touch being that you can also open and shut the blinds themselves for privacy.

Wooden shutters. A lot of times when people think of big bay window treatments, drapes come to mind, but something that’s just as classy is a set of wooden shutters. They’re great for controlling how much (or little) light you want to let into your space in a way that no other kind of light treatment really can. Plus, the wood look is one that surpasses all of the trends. It’s truly classic.


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