Modern window treatments for kitchen

by admin on July 2, 2012

So you’ve finished the majority of your kitchen renovations and you now have the cabinets, countertops, flooring, and shiny new appliances to make your culinary dreams into a reality. All you need to do now is add the finishing touches to make your space complete. And while you’ve picked out a gorgeous opalescent tile for the backsplash, you’ve got a lighting fixture ready to install, and your faucet is on tap, you might be left scratching your head when it comes time to decide how to cover the kitchen window. You certainly aren’t keen to put those dingy, grease-stained café curtains back in; you at least want something that looks like it was created in the post Brady Bunch era. But that leaves you with a lot of options. So here are just a few possibilities that are sure to complement any modern kitchen.

The key component of a kitchen window treatment (as opposed to other areas of the house) is that it has to be versatile. You almost certainly want this room to be well lit, which means you want as much natural light as possible coming in. It is for this reason that many modern kitchens lack any window treatment at all. However, you probably want to ensure your privacy at night; you don’t want outsiders and neighbors tracking your every move in this well-used area of your home. So some kind of window treatment is essential for most homeowners.

While some people like a shade that provides no obstruction during the day and can easily be pulled down for maximum coverage at night, this is one window treatment that can be rather unsightly. So for the modern kitchen, don’t hesitate to install a pull-down blind; just hide it away during the day with a pretty valance or a cornice box. Or if this simple solution isn’t stylish enough for your modern kitchen, think about using a chic variation of the theme by installing a Roman blind or even a roll-up bamboo shade, both of which add a certain flair to your décor.

You might also consider blinds or curtains, but there are drawbacks to each. Curtains tend to get in the way, for one thing. Even if you have a way to pull them aside and secure them they may still obstruct your view. And if you get a set that’s sheer enough to let a lot of sunlight in during the day they won’t provide much privacy at night. So modern homeowners should skip curtains. And while traditional blinds can be raised to get them out of the way, they’re expensive and difficult to clean and maintain. While you can visit web blinds outlets to lower the cost, you still have to contend with a lot of moving parts that may break.

However, there is one final option that is eminently modern: solar control film. This is sort of like window tint for your house and it comes with a lot of benefits. First of all, it doesn’t obstruct the view from the inside, but it will stop outsiders from looking in (like a 2-way mirror). Second, it can help to filter out harmful UV rays. And finally, it stops heat from getting in so that you can save on your energy bill. You may even be eligible for a tax credit for purchasing this eco-friendly window covering. You might still want to put some kind of decorative treatment on the inside, but window film will take care of your other needs.


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