Movable kitchen islands

by admin on September 8, 2011

Kitchen islands have become quite popular in Many of our readers wanted to see more kitchen island designs. Hence, we have decided to give our readers what they want and provide more kitchen islands pictures and images that are both functional and beautiful. Island kitchen are really great as they can give homes a really beautiful and contemporary feel. Whoever though of place islands in the kitchen must be a genius. Come to think of it, it might be interesting to write an article on the history of kitchen islands.

In this article, we focus on portable kitchen islands with seating and breakfast bars.

Movable kitchen islands with seating and stools

This beautiful and modern portable kitchen lsland is from Gunni. The mobile kitchen island comes with lots of storage and has plenty of space to do your cooking. As shown in the second image above, there is storage to hold your kitchen culinary.  There is a chopping area and even a barbeque area for those who enjoy their barbeque.  Despite the functionality, the real strength is its beauty. The finishing is done with chrome and a beautiful grain design.

Large movable kitchen islands

if you are looking for large portable kitchen island, this design by Stone Forest. The table top includes thick stone and is curved from a single piece. The metal cabinets are made from stainless steel. The combination of stone and metal plus the shiny texture give this movable kitchen island design its appeal. In terms of function, this stone forest kitchen island comes with plenty of working space and storage for anyone with a busy kitchen.

Movable kitchen islands for 2-4 people

This cleverly designed kitchen island is called the LongIsland Cooking Table. It has the ability to be extended thus increasing the seating capacity for your island kitchen. The flexible style makes it great for both cooking and dining.

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