Nothing Beats Futon Beds As A Great Spare Bed

by admin on November 15, 2010

Futon beds are beds that can be transformed and can function as a chair or sofa. Futon beds come with a frame and a mattress and its frame can be either made from wood or metal. In case you want to replace your mattress, you can readily purchase a mattress from the shops or through the internet. You don’t need the entire piece of furniture to be replaced, just its mattress.

Futon beds are available in different sizes. There is a single or twin size, a California king, a queen and a double or full size futon. A single futon looks like an oversized chair; it is for one person only. A California king, a queen and the double or full-sized can seat two or three persons and can provide a sleeping space for two persons. However, the double or full-sized futons are more popular than any other sizes. There isn’t much difference if you opt to choose much larger than the double futon. A king or queen size futon offers the same capacity with that of the double. Besides, larger mattresses are heavier and even harder to fold.

Futons are a perfect match to a place where space is at a premium. Futon beds are very popular with people living in studio-type apartments, dormitories and even for people with big houses. They will have main furniture in their living room and just in case guests will arrive, they can convert it into a bed where their guest would be comfortable sleeping. Futon beds are also great in a kid’s room. During the day kids will just have to fold the bed to convert it into a couch, giving them more space to play, and unfold it during the evening to have space available for them to sleep comfortably.

Transforming the sofa to a bed does not require a lot of muscles for small units. Unfolding and folding the frame and the mattress will do the trick. A futon having larger mattresses is difficult to transform from a couch to a bed or vice versa as larger mattresses are heavy. Besides the dimensions of a futon bed having a large mattress may seem to be strange when it is folded into a sofa. Larger sizes of futon beds can be awkward as the mattress makes up the back of the couch making it a little higher.

Space saving and multifunctional furniture are mostly favored in today’s modern world. When it comes to purchasing beds, not a thing beats futon beds!

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