black and white striped chair

Black and white striped chair

Regulars readers of dadka will know of our interest in black and...

modern mail organizer

Hanging mail organizer – some modern selections

Hanging wall organizers not only helps us to sort through our mail...

bubble chairs under 300 dollars

Bubble chairs under 100 dollars

If you are trying to buy bubble chairs under 100 dollars, I...

modern coffee table with hidden storage

Modern furniture with hidden storage

With our living spaces getting smaller and smaller, it is essential that...

modern luminaria

Modern holiday decorating ideas

When you think of holiday decorating, what immediately comes to mind? Evergreen Christmas trees? Wreaths hanging on the front door? Candles and red ribbons? Without a doubt, all of those are beautiful ways to celebrate the holiday season, but what if you’re someone who is...

modern patio heater

Modern patio heater

When it comes to modern patio heaters, there are a number of choices that one can make. In terms of heating options, you can choose from electric heater or the traditional wood burning. Regardless of how the heat is generated, you can find very modern...

modern concrete flooring

Modern concrete flooring

Unless you happen to be into the green living movement, you likely haven’t considered concrete as a viable option for covering large surfaces in your home. Traditionally, floors in the home are covered with wood, stone, carpeting, or some combination of these elements. But some...

sliding glass door patio

5 modern patio design ideas for your backyard

Transforming a patio can be hard work. Not only are many of our patios built around an outdated post-War suburban aesthetic, but also many of our own tastes are heavily influenced by that same obsolete method of decorating. If you want to bring your patio...

transparent acrylic furniture

Transparent acrylic furniture for a modern home

An easy tip for home owners who want a modern look is to select some transparent acrylic furniture such as chairs and tables. I prefer acrylic as they are lighter, more functional and cost much less than glass. The see through feature of transparent acrylic...

modern kitchen floor tiles

Modern kitchen remodel ideas

Every now and then, you quite simply need a change in your home. Whether your rooms are becoming outmoded and outdated or you’re simply sick of the sight of them, modernizing your rooms is one of the most refreshing home improvement projects of all. When...

Modern mantel decorating ideas

Modern mantel decorating ideas

Modern holiday decoration is all about marrying the new and the classic. There are certain decorative approaches that have truly stood the test of time, and will always have a place in the home. If you can modernize them while finding ways to add the...

modern bathroom chandelier

Modern bathroom designs for 2013

Being that the bathroom is one place within the home that is associated with having a bit of “private quality time” and rest and relaxation, wouldn’t it make total sense that we would want to update the d├ęcor in that space from time to time?...

modern electric wall mount fireplace

Modern wall mount fireplace

With the chill coming in, it is a great time to buy a modern wall mount fireplace if you have always looking for one. Wall mounted fireplaces not only are space efficient but some designs can actually act as wall features. Although the latter will...

winsome round bar table

Round bar table for 4 seats

Many modern homes love to have a bar table for the causal drink. Instead of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars to set up a bar counter at home, these round bar tables provide an affordable alternative. With just some high stool chairs and...