black and white striped chair

Black and white striped chair

Regulars readers of dadka will know of our interest in black and...

modern mail organizer

Hanging mail organizer – some modern selections

Hanging wall organizers not only helps us to sort through our mail...

bubble chairs under 300 dollars

Bubble chairs under 100 dollars

If you are trying to buy bubble chairs under 100 dollars, I...

modern coffee table with hidden storage

Modern furniture with hidden storage

With our living spaces getting smaller and smaller, it is essential that...

polka dot designs on walls

Polka dot decor ideas

Polka dots are a fun way to decorate your home. It definitely brightens up any rooms and adds that sense of vibrancy to the entire space. Best part is that you can use polka dots in many different styles, from modern to elegant to even...

polka dot bedding for crib

Polka dot bedding for crib

Continuing with our interest in polka dot bedding, we are featuring modern polka bedding for crib in this article.  Using polka dot designs in your baby room can add much vibrancy and playfulness. We all know that kids love colors so using polka dots is...

modern japanese bedroom design

Modern asian bedroom designs

After featuring modern master bedroom designs,  it is time to look at some stylish and cool Asian bedroom designs. Unlike western house, most Asian bedrooms are smaller. This means a different kind of decor style is needed. One that is both aesthetically pleasing as well...

wall writing on striped walls

Wall writing decor ideas

Wall writing is going to be one of the big decor trend for 2013.  It is an alternative to the wall paper trend which has really gained popularity in recent years. Unlike wall papers, wall writing needs to be more mellow. The positioning of the...

transforming dining table to painting

Transforming dining table

Our recent article on transforming furniture received an overwhelming positive response from readers. To continue on this theme, we are showing you some more cool multi purpose furniture. This time, we will be focusing more on transforming dining tables as they typically take up the...

space saving dining tables

Space saving dining tables that look cool

Traditional dining tables can take a big chunk of space. For small apartments, this can be an issue due to the limited floor space. Fortunately, there is now space saving dining tables for apartments that look modern but has great functionality as well. These small...

modern chairs under 100

Modern chairs under 100

If you know how to spot a bargain, you ca get pretty cheap modern chairs for less than 100. We have already featured where to buy bubble chairs under 100.  In this article, we will show some cool office and dining chairs that you can...

transforming table

Cool transforming furniture

Transforming furniture are now the rage in modern home decor. It is not usual now to see dual purpose furniture that can serve two functions. Now, there is even multi purpose furniture that can serve more than 2 functions. If you are strapped for space,...

black and red wall decor

Modern black and red decor ideas

Black and red is a rather outstanding color combination to be used for your home. Typically, red and black represents sophistication and elegance, with a touch of intensity. Not suitable for all home owners but definitely a winning combination for those who like it. Below...

blue white striped living room

Blue white striped decor

White and blue is one of my favorite color combination and is the reason why I wrote the article on white and blue kitchen designs.  This article will give you some tips on doing blue white striped decor and how they will look if you...