Red and black bedroom design ideas

by admin on March 25, 2013

Red and black is a color combination that invokes feelings such as passions, elegance and luxury. If you want to create such a theme for your bedroom, there are a few ways to go about it. In our previous article on red and black home decor, we already highlighted how the colors can be used in different parts of the home. Today we will more focus on the bedroom.

Bedrooms are one of the most used part of our home and is also usually our sanctuary.  As such, we should pay careful attention to the composition of the colors and how they are used to achieve the feel that we want.

Idea 1: A playful bedroom with white, red and black colors

Using red and black colors does not mean you always have to go for the elegant and luxurious look. Red and black, mixed in with white, can also be used to create a playful bedroom design. The important thing is to let in lots of lights and choose furniture that are more funky to create the playful mood. Avoid materials such as leather which will affect the overall playfulness of the room.

Ideas 2: Sophistication with black gray and red bedroom

You can also go the other way and opt for a sophisticated feel. In this case, keep the color tone mostly to the darker shades such as dark red, gray and black. Also, pick furniture have clean lines and a more luxurious feel. A carpet will do wonders here to make your bedroom feel more sophisticated.

Idea 3: Minimalist with lots of white + red and black accents

To achieve a minimalist look, use lots of white and only use red and black as accents. The image shows the concept done very well. Majority of the bedroom is in white but accessories such as carpet, lighting and side tables are in either black or red. A nice example of how to use minimalist with red and black colors.


Idea 4: Use red as the focal point

Finally, you can use one strong color such as red as the focal point of the bedroom. This can be done by using the color only once but in a way that is obvious and attention grabbing. In the example above, using a red carpet is a strong way to focus our eyes on the brightness of the color.


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